An Intriguing Production of “FWD: Life Goes Viral” at the Marsh San Francisco

Sometime in the future we might have little unarmed drones the shape of flies that can appear on the wall unobserved to spy on private conversations.  In this one hour and 45 minute comedy these little critters do just that as they spy on what their exes are up to. <i>FDW:Life Goes Viral</i> takes place in the immediate future when YouTube is a the way of life. (isn’t it this way now, you might ask).  The fast pace comedy-drama  is a wonderful collaboration between three veteran Bay Area talents Charles Varon, David Ford and Jeri Lynn Cohen that is now playing at The Marsh in San Francisco.

“FDM:Life Goes Viral” skewers the brave new world of the internet. Charles Varon and Jeri Lynn Cohen perform in all of the roles in this comdey.  They play oncologist, patients, ex-spouses and even two expert commentators. Adam (Charles Varon) thought he was dying of cancer but it turns out that his doctor (Jeri Lynn Cohen) had the films mixed up and so he is not going to the great beyond.  However when he thought he was dying he took comfort in a YouTube video that expressed that dying is a bold journey of illumination.  The video was made by the good doctor’s ex-husband (also Charles Varon) who is a two-timing two-faced schmuck.  The video goes viral getting over a million and half hits and he has become the guru of the YouTube. The people are now demanding more on this interesting person’s life.

Jeri Lynn Cohen is excellent  in all of her roles especially as Dr. Lillian Steinberg, a clever, sharp physician who is confused and infuriated that her husband’s video has gone viral. She is also great as the slapdash, harsh and blatantly Jewish Ellen, Adams’s wife. Charles Vardon with sharp definition is perfect as Adam, a student of philosophy and as Zizo Slavek, a medical researcher who explains “Human beings crave sugar, so we invented Coca-Cola. Human beings crave fat so we invented Crisco, Human beings crave attention, so we invented YouTube. And now, we have diabetes and heart disease and soon we’ll have diseases of overexposure”. Both even play tiny unarmed electronic spy drones to resemble the proverbial fly on the wall.
<i>FWD:Life Goes Viral</i> is for intelligence audience who are able to keep pace with the comedic brilliance unfurling before them at a furious pace.  It plays at the The Marsh, 1062 Valencia Street, San Francisco through July 22nd  For tickets call 415-282-3055 or on line at www.themarsh.org